Parboiled chwinamul

Parboiled chwinamul is made in two different ways: one, by parboiling fresh chwinamul and two, by parboiling chwinamul that has been dried in April and May. The vegetable is grown in Goheung and Naju and prepared by parboiling, sterilizing, cooling, washing, and selecting. The pre-cooked vegetable saves your cooking time and is rich in calcium and vitamin A. Enjoy it as a barbeque wrap or as a side dish.

Product info

상품 Parboiled chwinamul에 대한 정보
Product name Parboiled chwinamul
Origin South Korea, China
Packaging unit 1kg, 2kg, 5kg (Ordering standard)
Packaging method Vacuum packaging
Best before 7 days after packaging
Storage Refrigerated at 0℃~10℃.