Production / Facility / Distribution

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Distribution system

Distribution system


Procurement method

  • Purchase through contract with farms or Nonghyup
  • Purchase through specialized suppliers or collectors
  • purchase through direct local trade

Warehouse inspection

  • Bare-eye inspection as per the agricultural quality criteria
  • Regular testing of residual pesticide in raw materials

Production management

  • As per the HACCP standard, our products are made through the following process: steaming - sterilizing and cooling - selecting - washing - internal packaging - metal detection - external packaging
  • Production based on scientific HA management
  • Regular hygiene training

Finished product inspection

  • Product released after thorough inspection including origin and best before dates
  • Rigorous freshness management including temperature

Controlled temperature storage and distribution

  • Finished products stored in controlled temperature
  • Products delivered in controlled temperature vehicles
  • Real-time vehicle temperature control

Directly supply to agricultural produce suppliers

  • Supply to school and other group meal providers