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Quality Control

Quality Control


All our products are quality-controlled based on the Hazard Analysis (HA) system and HACCP system in order to ensure hygienic and fresh products that stand out from the competitors.

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Facility and Management

Facility and Management
Air conditioning system To regulate humidity and temperature of the processing room and packaging room
Chiller system To supply cooling water during the washing and cooling stages
Science-based hazard control To manage hazard factors based on science through the air-conditioning and chiller systems
Ozone sterilizer To sterilize all our products using ozone sterilized water as part of our HA management
Metal detector To pass all our products through a metal detector in order to prevent any metals or foreign substances
Temperature control at 10℃ or lower To keep temperature of all our finished products at 10℃ or lower by washing the products with cold water and loading all packaged products immediately into the refrigerator
Temperature maintained at 10℃ or lower To keep the temperature during product transport at 10℃ (by using the auto temperature recorder in the vehicles)