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Honestly and Properly,

that’s NAMUL SARANG's way.


Founded in May 2012, Namul Sarang is providing safe and fresh food ingredients to customers with the mission of being a ‘transparent and moral’ company. We have obtained the HACCP certificate from the KFDA in order to ensure safe and hygienic warehousing, production, and release of our vegetable products. Also, we trace the history of all our products. Our products are supplied to schools, organizations, retails, and online markets throughout the country and am managed based on the ISO22000-certified system.

Namul Sarang has been certified as INNOBIZ (innovation-oriented small and medium business) and as an agricultural convergence business (6th industry), combining the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industries. Since 2017, we are processing spring vegetables and exporting them overseas including the US, Australia, Netherlands, and Austria.


Historically, Korea has been surrounded by the seas as a peninsula, however, with many mountains and fields. As a result, our ancestors would gather wild vegetables and greens and cook them for food. They would season the cooked greens or dry them so that they can eat them during the winter or early spring when they didn’t have fresh vegetables. So we decided to spread the story of wild greens that have been the staple for Koreans for a very long time. They say: to know a culture, you need to taste the food first. And that’s why these two met here today. We will go get a sense of the most Korean taste. This is a traditional Korean house called hanok, where you can enjoy the view and warm sunshine. So what’s it like to eat the traditional Korean meal here? Here is namul, or cooked greens enjoyed by Korean people. In South Korea, over 70% of edible greens are grown in Jeollanamdo. There are tens of greens grown using a reliable and safe system. And that’s why we can easily find cooked greens on our dining tables every day. It’s thanks to namul brands that have earned organic agriculture and HACCP certificates. Each type of cooked greens have unique taste and texture. Now the whole world would fall in love with namul. Add more green to your table with namul. Namul Sarang is here to protect your family's health.

Also, as a socially responsible business, we offer employment to the socially vulnerable people and return part of our profits to the local community and organizations. Having earned the ‘Jeollanamdo’s Promising Business’ certificate and quality assurance from the Jeollanamdo governor, we are also promoting the excellence of the local businesses in the province.

For all our customers, we strive to provide safe and fresh food ingredients and listen to the customers, while achieving steady and solid growth.

Lee, Jung-hee, CEO
of Namul Sarang Co., Ltd.